3 Steps to Create Your She Shed

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Your backyard shed can be so much more than storage. With some DIY spirit and style in mind, you can turn your shed into a peaceful retreat. We’ve seen quite a few fabulous She Sheds over the years, and we’ve put together this DIY She Shed guide to help you get started on a space of your own.

Plan Ahead

Whether you’d like to cut photos out of your favorite magazine or create a She Shed Pinterest board, it helps to start with a style plan. Imagine how you could use the space in your shed. Would you prefer a peaceful, zen-like space or a room to host friends for a book club? Whatever your style and use, start planning ahead. You can create a mood board and style guide early on, so your plans come together quickly when it’s time to decorate your space. Find the start of your She Shed inspiration with our Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/tuffshed/she-sheds-mom-caves/.

Consider Your Shed

Will you be redesigning your existing backyard shed? Maybe starting from scratch with a brand new Tuff Shed building? Either choice is a great option.

If you’re working with a shed that’s already at home in your backyard, it’s an excellent time to take stock of the space and see how you can transform it into a peaceful retreat. A fresh coat of paint, new window boxes, and even a paver patio can upgrade the space. You can even keep some items in storage with stylish bins and totes.

And if you’re starting from scratch, take a spin on our online design tool. You can design your dream She Shed from the ground up. You may even find some inspiration in some of our past she shed features, like Missy’s Shed Sanctuary and Natalia’s She Shed Office. Be sure to think ahead about how you plan to finish your building, add house wrap if you’d like to insulate, and remove the LP SilverTech Radiant Barrier if you want to paint the walls directly.

Decorate Your Space

Some of our favorite DIY She Shed spaces feature repurposed or antique items, like Kathy’s Bee Shed She Shed. Shop through your home for décor and furniture that can find new life in your She Shed. Keep in mind that you can take your time decorating the space. Search for pieces that will bring you joy and add to the style of the space you’re creating for yourself.

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