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Upgrade your Backyard and Save A Quote Today

Every season is backyard season when you have a Tuff Shed building. A new shed can become more storage space, room for a DIY workshop, a home office, home gym – all that and more. Even better, when you save a new quote for a Tuff Shed building, you’ll be entered to win a new 8×8 Premier Ranch shed to get your home improvement plans underway.

Let’s break down the grand prize. An 8×8 Premier Ranch is a blank canvas for the backyard upgrade you’ve dreamed of. It’s a great starting point for a decked-out storage space, helping you clear out your garage or closets in your home for more organized storage.

You can turn it into a backyard workshop, putting some of our DIY workshop additions to work. And it can even make a great home office or hangout space, similar to Asoka’s Shed of Solitude.

Design a new 8x8 Premier Ranch to upgrade the storage space in your backyard.

Have you got a bigger shed in mind? That’s an option as well. If you’re the big winner, you can use the value of the prize shed toward your dream shed, studio, or garage.

So take a spin with our online design tool and design your perfect Tuff Shed building. You can customize your future building from the ground up. Select your ideal building style; choose the size, paint colors, placement of your doors, windows, and more. You can even add extra style with options like decorative door trim, window boxes and shutters, and upgraded roof pitches.

Save A Quote Today

Imagine celebrating the summer of sheds in your backyard with your new Tuff Shed building. You could add a beautiful garden shed, a hard-working tool shed, or even a pub shed for hosting family and friends during backyard barbecues. No matter how you choose to use your building, you can celebrate the summer of sheds.  

Be sure to save your quote before December 1st to be entered to win, and happy building!

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130 thoughts on “Save a Quote and Enter to Win

    1. We can help with that, Adolfo. And if you’re the big winner you can even put the prize amount toward the purchase of a larger building.

  1. Tuff shed is the best quality shed on the market. I have one and so does my sister. I would love another one.

  2. Need the extra space for generation moving in and out of our home. And a small garder shed

  3. I need a new shed for a couple of reasons, One is for storage and the other to park my motorcycle in between seasons.

  4. I would like to win the tuff shed to store my Christmas lights and my inflatable and decorations and generator and my emergency supplies for any problems.

  5. I have a tuffshed already it is great and would love to have another. I go to Home Depot to look at them all the time and tell others how great they are

  6. My shed is all rusted & the tin casing is falling apart. I do need a new shed & this would be great to have.

  7. I bought my first Tuff Shed over thirty years ago. It’s a 8×10 Barn shed I still love my shed. My wife calls it the expando shed.
    It’s full and would love to make a shop with a new one.

  8. Having to get my shed approved my H.O.A. is looking for one thing…”Tuff-Shed” on the application. Once they see TS it’s all

  9. I need use of a shed so I can get rid of my storage unit, I’d rather own than rent. It’s a must!

  10. I love to win this shed to accommodate for a therapy place for my 3 kids. I need a special place for their therapy. My 3 kids are in the spectrum and I really need this shed. Thank you for the opportunity. Blessings

  11. Would absolutely like to have a shed I’d be able to store some things in it and it would be really great to win this

  12. Took my stuff out of storage. Rental fee kept going up. Now everything in my garage! Could definitely use a shed in my backyard.

  13. Can this little TUFF shed get any cuter?!?
    I have never had a decent shed for all my garden tools!
    Love, love to win ❤️

  14. We wanna build a tiny house and a shed for our stuff. We went to some places and saw many sheds. A 12x 24 would be great but they are pretty expensive. If we could win a shed for our stuff, that would help a big time financially and we could use our money for the tiny house and greenhouse

  15. I would love to win a shed. after living in one spot for over 45 years you tend to have a lot of stuff. please help.

  16. Would love to win one of these. They are awesome and other sheds can not compare to them. As a single parent it is so far out of budget at this time. But would love one!

  17. I would love to win for two reason I’ve never had a shed and they’re cool second it’ll be a great place for my crafty projects and have no interruptions. I think they’re beautiful and so private. It’s like being in a barbie house but in big.

  18. I have lived here in Goochland VA 14 months. Moved from Florida. Happy to be here close to my son. New home however no garage. I have searched on line, visited storage places. I just want a 8×10 no windows. A nice well built shed to place my future riding lawnmower in. Have a push for now. All my tools are under deck exposed to weather. I would definitely love to win. I will tell you this much if I do win all the neighbors and friends would know about your company. Well if I do not win I will check your company for future shed. Hopefully before winter. Thank you

  19. I dream of having another storage building. Would appreciate your consideration in making my dream come true

  20. This shed would look so good in my yard and would enable me to store my garden tools, snowblower,etc without the hassle and struggle of placing them in my cellar…and would free up much needed space for storage in my basement.

  21. I have need for a large stuff she’d to replace my workshop that burned down 10 years ago and to have a place in winter especially to work on my car as well as other smaller projects like my snowblower.

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