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A backyard renovation can truly transform a home. When Kathy and her husband first started their landscaping overhaul project, she carved out a little space of her own. The result is her Bee Shed She Shed, a room entirely dedicated to relaxing. And it’s filled with Kathy’s memories and family heirlooms.

As Kathy began planning her future garden-side escape, she designed a blueprint in her mind. All centering around a cozy corner of the backyard. But there was never a question of where she would get her new building. “I heard a lot over the years about Tuff Shed, and I knew they would be the best bet,” says Kathy. “I did check out the other big box stores, and nothing seemed right until I stepped foot into a display building.”

While working with our Escondido, CA team, her shed plans took shape alongside the new landscape design. “When I planned this little space, I wanted a quiet, private room where I could go and sit and relax,” notes Kathy. Her 10×12 Premier PRO Tall Ranch features plenty of windows without sacrificing privacy. And with the addition of a tree border alongside the fence line, she truly has a private retreat. Most of all, she needed space for her collection of family heirlooms, including her collection of bee décor.

Kathy hired an additional contractor to add electricity, insulation, and lighting to finish out the interior. And, of course, all her own décor. “Every single thing inside the shed has meaning to it, and I really wanted to make space for it all,” says Kathy. Some of her favorite pieces include the rocking chair that she rocked all her children in, her mother-in-law’s mother’s antique bowl and pitcher, and her great-grandfather’s clock. Now the Bee Shed She Shed is truly a space all her own.

The She Shed Details

8 thoughts on “Bee Shed She Shed

  1. It works perfectly for 11 indoor/outdoor cats and all the strays including Blossom the Possum and her two friendly kids. Two young coons. Everybody eats next to each other-downtown. Next to the flood berm we get deer in the morning. 13th and the OK Corral. In my backyard its a bit of heaven.

    1. Kathy provided her own custom paint but we offer a similar color, called Smoky Slate. We hope that helps!

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