Grow Your Business

We’ve got great opportunities for quality contractors. Become an Authorized Installer for TUFF SHED and you’ll add an additional revenue source to your business.

TUFF SHED is well-known for selling and fabricating the industry’s best sheds and garages. We’re looking for talented contractors to deliver and install these buildings for our customers.

You provide product transport, tools, and building expertise. We pre-fabricate and bundle each building to make installation simple and efficient for you.

Upcoming Open House Events

Currently, there are no upcoming open house events.

On-Time, Weekly Settlements

Get paid weekly for completed installations. Automatic deposits are also available.

Flexible Projects Based on Your Business Needs

Consistent work is available. You choose the amount of work based on your business commitments.

Focus on What You Do Best

We handle all the advertising, sales, permits, and pre-fabrication so you can focus on installing more jobs and generating more revenue.

Partner with an Industry Leader

Tuff Shed has 35 years of experience selling and pre-fabricating buildings. Our aggressive marketing efforts and professional sales staff have generated consistent annual sales growth.

Our 48 local factories serve customers across 37 states, creating more revenue opportunities for you.

Russell Lopez

Mountain and Pacific Time Zones

(303) 474-5687
Helene Harriman

Eastern and Central Time Zones

(603) 324-7406

If you can’t really talk right now, submit your information below and we'll reach out to you.

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