Natalia’s She Shed Office

28 Comments | Jul 23, 2021 |  Building of the Month

Like many of our customers, the past couple of years have meant more time at home. Natalia and her husband both work from home and were fighting over the kitchen table for workspace. They quickly realized the need for a dedicated workspace, with room enough for both of their desks. Natalia already had dreams of a She Shed, but she found that a dual office shed could provide the office space they needed while allowing for some creative interior design. 

“When we first moved into our new home, I had the idea of building a ‘she shed’ to work on my paintings and maybe serve as an office,” says Natalia. “Fast forward two years into the pandemic, and we needed the workspace more than anything.” So she came to our team, modifying her she shed plans into an office shed. And as an interior designer, she looked forward to the challenge of transforming the shell into a truly cozy backyard home office. 

Natalia worked with our team to customize a 12×16 Premier PRO Tall Ranch with 3’x4’ windows and a special-order door. The building was also installed directly on a cement slab without a traditional shed floor. The slab was poured to the exact dimensions of her building, so Natalia could add the flooring she preferred.  

The She Shed Office Interior

After our team installed her new shed, the real work began for Natalia. She wired her new shed for electricity, adding interior and exterior lighting and a mini-split air conditioner. Then, she put her interior design skills to work, creating a beautiful home office inside the shed, complete with faux beams and all. “We are so glad we got this shed and gave ourselves extra room in our home,” relates Natalia. “And we’ve been enjoying it so much during these tough and crazy times.”  

And as for her original, she shed dreams? “That will have to wait until we get a new house! Priorities first,” laughs Natalia. 

28 thoughts on “Natalia’s She Shed Office

  1. Looking at the shed builder tool on the site and not seeing an option for 3×4 windows, only 3×3 or 4×3. Were these custom or am I missing something?

    1. Hi Alex, the 3×4 windows were a custom addition from Natalia. She chose the custom windows, and our team prefabricated her building with custom cutouts.

  2. Hi ,I would like more info on the cement slab? Was it done before or after the shed was I place. Thanks.

    1. Hi Linda, Natalia worked with an additional contractor to pour the concrete pad prior to the building being installed.

  3. Would Natalie provide info on the door? Is it fiberglass or wood? What color is the door? Please and thank you.

    The shed is beautiful! We

  4. This is exactly what I am looking for, but probably 12 x 20; is that size a possibility–more expensive, of course. If I go to your store in Murrietta, CA, will I be able to see this model?

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