Missy’s Shed Sanctuary

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We could all use a place to relax. For Missy, that relaxing space is right in her backyard, in one beautiful backyard shed. Infusing plenty of love and care into the design, Missy’s shed sanctuary is a perfect retreat.

Missy’s shed sanctuary plans all started with her 35th wedding anniversary. Her husband, Tim, was on the hunt for a gift that would be a constant reminder of his love for Missy. And Missy always wanted a space of her own. “My job is pretty stressful, and I do love to take care of our home and cook, but relaxing was a bit difficult,” laughs Missy. “You know how it is, there’s always something to clean or take care of and sometimes you just need a separate space.” So Tim and Missy made their way to Tuff Shed.

As a landscape architect, Tim was always insistent on working with Tuff Shed; knowing the quality of the buildings and options for customizing the design. Missy truly enjoyed the design process, choosing all the options on her new 12×16 Premier PRO Tall Ranch. “I would have been so happy with something simple but Tim was always giving me ideas for something bigger and better. And I’m so glad he did!”

The Shed Design

Missy’s shed sanctuary features a set of custom double doors, a single custom door on the sidewall, and a cement patio complete with a custom pergola. All the finishes on the interior and exterior of the shed were a group effort between her husband and her son; making the shed even more meaningful. “The space is truly filled with love and positivity,” Missy notes.

After the interior was set for her finishing touches, Missy added her own joy to the space. As she planned to use the space for kicking back and relaxing, comfortable furniture was the top of her list, as well as a sound system, and her favorite cozy décor.

And as for the Tuff Shed quality that Tim was so excited about? It rings true. “We had a dust storm that came through and there was barely a speck of dirt inside the shed. I’m not kidding, I tell everyone to get their sheds from Tuff Shed and now I think we may need a few more,” says Missy.

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