Laura’s Shred Shed

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Our Bowflex sweepstakes winner, Laura Eid, has been making great use of her home gym shed. She’s titled the barn ‘Laura’s Shred Shed’ and has been clocking in the hours inside the barn with all her new equipment. We took a trip to Minnesota to see Laura’s finished gym and hear more about how she’s put her gym shed to work.

So, how much value does a home gym add? For Laura, a new gym shed means a more flexible schedule and more time with family. Before her Shred Shed in the backyard, Laura’s mornings started at 3 am for a workout at her office gym, followed by a full day of nursing. But with the new workout space, Laura can spend more time with her family and keep on her training schedule.

Laura’s 12×14 Premier PRO Tall Barn features a finished interior decked out with some of the top Bowflex gear. As an avid runner, Laura’s favorite piece of equipment is the treadmill, but the full range of weights, elliptical, and stationary bike give her a full-range workout.

Tour Laura’s Shred Shed

Home gyms have risen in popularity all across the country. With homeowner’s mindful of monthly budgets and the time it takes to drive back and forth to the gym, a home gym can be a savings solution in many ways. And, of course, there are plenty of benefits of a gym shed in the backyard. Not only can you get in your daily workout, but you’ll also save time in travel and keep your gear tidy and away from your living space.

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