One Tuff Home Gym

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Finding space for a home workout can be difficult, but Lisa decided to make it easy. She skipped all the trouble of a home renovation and added the space she needed with a new Tuff Shed garage. Lisa’s new space is one tough home gym, with plenty of room for weekly workouts.

Lisa isn’t a first-time Tuff Shed customer. With one Tuff Shed garage project already under her belt, she knew that she could trust our team with her home gym plans. “The first garage we built with Tuff Shed was so easy,” notes Lisa. “Sure, a large building is a longer process but it’s an easy way to add the space you need without all the hassle of a full home addition.”

So, Lisa came to our team with a plan and we got to work on the design. Her new 16×20 Premier PRO Ranch Garage features a few customizations. We included specialized scissor trusses for more headroom when Lisa and her husband are using their exercise bike and elliptical machine and full-lite double doors for extra sunlight inside the gym. Lisa worked with additional contractors for the cement pad the new garage was installed on and the electrical work inside the building.

After her garage was built, Lisa got to work finishing the interior. Outfitted with rubber mats, reclaimed wood paneling, several pieces of exercise equipment, and of course, a couple flat screen TV’s, Lisa’s home gym can rival even the best exercise facilities.

Now that Lisa has all the space she needs for a home workout, she couldn’t be happier. “It’s so nice to be able to separate my exercise routine from my home. I’ve been missing my trips to the gym this year and it’s been such a nice change to have a new space to work out in.” And asked whether Lisa would choose Tuff Shed again? “Of course! Tuff Shed handles everything and you’re left with the exact building you need.”

2 thoughts on “One Tuff Home Gym

    1. Hi Tony, your local Tuff Shed team will be happy to help with a quote on a design like this one. And all our buildings are built onsite, so your new gym will be set and ready for your workouts as soon as our crew is finished.

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