Tuff Sheds for a Tough Guy

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How tough is a Tuff Shed® building? Tough enough that Martin Kove – star of Cobra Kai, The Karate Kid, Rambo II, and more, is a fan. Martin has been a happy Tuff Shed owner since he purchased his first shed a few years back. In fact, he was so satisfied with the quality of his original shed that he’s become a repeat customer.

Martin started off small with his first shed, a 6×8 Garden Ranch. He needed a little extra storage space and wanted to be sure that it would be secure and hold up to mother nature. And with a small backyard, he needed a shed that would be manageable for the space. The shed did all that and more, and Martin quickly became a vocal fan of the Tuff Shed brand. “There was never any issue with the first shed, it was just as tough as a house, and I never worried about the things I had stored inside,” says Martin.

Martin’s New Barn

So, when he purchased a new property in Nashville with a few acres, he started planning his latest Tuff Shed purchase. His new shed, a 16×24 Premier PRO Tall Barn, is a fitting choice for a sprawling ranch-style property. “Since everyone in Nashville has a red barn, I thought I needed one too,” laughs Martin, “There’s never any worry of a leak or the weather getting in with this building, and it’s got all the storage space I need.”

You certainly don’t need to be tough to own a Tuff Shed, but we’re glad that our legendary quality meets Martin’s standards! Whether you’re hunting for a small storage solution or an extra-large barn, we’ve got a custom design for you. You can get started on your Tuff Shed journey with our online design tool or perfect your future shed, studio, or garage with help from our local design team.

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