Chris’ Gym Shed

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Our homes have become so much more than everyday living space over the past year. For our customer Chris, a spare bedroom became a makeshift home gym. Then with a new daughter on the way, his home gym plans quickly turned into planning a new nursery. Enter plans for Chris’ gym shed.

As Chris was already using the spare bedroom for a gym, he had quite a bit of exercise equipment that needed a new home. Instead of working through a long, and potentially expensive home renovation project, Chris came to Tuff Shed. “We have plenty of space on our property, so it just made sense to add a building instead of renovating,” says Chris, “And when I saw what I could do with a shed, it was an easy decision.”

While planning the space, Chris left no detail unexamined. He designed a paper scale model of his shed design to ensure that all the exercise equipment would fit inside. Then he carefully chose upgrades and options to make the space bright and inviting. Chris chose a 10×12 Premier PRO Tall Barn and added windows and glass doors to bring in natural light. He also took advantage of the extra height featured on our barn models, adding a storage loft to his gym.

Installation Day

When installation day came, Chris couldn’t have been happier. “It really was so easy and I can tell it’s going to last.” As soon as the barn was installed, he got to work finishing out the interior, with electricity, drywall, and paint. The finished result is a gym and storage space that gives Chris plenty of room for exercise and storage – complete with WIFI.

“All said and done, this shed project has been worth it,” says Chris. “I learned a lot about interior finishing projects, we have more room for storage, and it was well worth the time and cost. So much so that I’m getting a second shed that’s going to be a backyard dance studio for my wife and daughters.

Design Your Own Home Gym Shed

If you’ve got extra space in your home, it may have become a home office, gym, or school in the past year. And if you need to give your home some space, think about what a new shed can do for you. You can even start by designing a barn like Chris’ gym shed. Start with a 10×12 Premier PRO Tall Barn and add:

5 thoughts on “Chris’ Gym Shed

  1. Are these built on site or are they shipped in pieces/whole to where machinery/heavy equipment is needed to move into place?

  2. How much do these cost to have electric run we would like to have a treadmill. Are you able to have a small ac window unit.

    1. Hi Thomas, our teams specialize only in the exterior shell of the building, so any interior finishings such as electricity would need to be finished by the building owner or an additional contractor. You’re certainly able to add those options after installation.

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