Stacy’s Office Upgrade

6 Comments | Apr 04, 2022 |  Building of the Month

Stacy’s office upgrade comes in the form of a Tuff Shed studio. When her previous company sold its real estate business, she decided it was time for a career reinvention. She got her broker’s license and began a path to working for herself. And, of course, that meant she needed a new workspace.

Stacy already knew she wanted to add a backyard office rather than a home addition. “I wanted to make sure my office would be removed from my home life and give me room to separate the two,” she notes. And when it came to a shed builder, Stacy landed on Tuff Shed pretty quickly.

“I love the versatility of planning using the online design tool. I was able to build my office online completely before I even sat down with a salesperson,” she laughs. And when she did sit down with our team, her office was off to the races. Stacy had a few custom components for her new office, including oversized sliding doors, and worked with our team to ensure the design would fit her vision. She decided on a 12×16 Premier PRO Studio, a 2’ wall height upgrade, and lap siding to match her home.

To ensure that Stacy’s office upgrade fit in her backyard seamlessly, she enlisted a separate team to pour a concrete pad for the floor rather than our typical shed base. Though her timeline took a bit longer with additional contractors, permitting, and engineering, Stacy had Tuff Shed’s help. “The team I worked with was so helpful; they even handled the permitting, so I had one less thing on my plate,” says Stacy.

As soon as the team installed her studio, Stacy began the real work of the project – all the custom finishing touches. “I wanted to finish out the building myself and put my sweat equity into the project. I appreciate the space even more with that extra effort,” laughs Stacy. And put her work into it, she did. Stacy painted the exterior and interior herself, even using specialized stencils purchased off Etsy.

The finished studio is truly an office upgrade. From the custom paint colors to interior décor, every inch of the office matches Stacy’s style. “I absolutely love the space,” she says, “I have neighbors asking me all the time about my new office, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Best of all, Stacy’s office allows her to finish out her career on her terms. With her new workspace, she can run her business without any overhead of renting an offsite office or the hassle of a commute. “This office fits into my long game plan; I can walk to work, my dog can come with me, and I can choose my own schedule.” That’s the beauty of working from home – especially when you’re working from a Premier PRO Studio.

6 thoughts on “Stacy’s Office Upgrade

  1. This office looks great, congratulations! What are the specs, this is similar to what I want to create in my backyard!

    1. Hi Lee, Stacy’s office is a 12×16 Premier PRO Studio, with 2’ wall height upgrade, and lap siding to match her home.

  2. I am amazed how beautiful this Tuff Shed is! I want one for myself. How much did you spend on it Ms. Stacy? if you don’t mind my asking. Thank you, Tessie GH, Sacramento, CA

  3. I liked this one so much I bought my own version of this to use as a studio! One question, what did you use for flooring? I’m trying to figures this one out for me since the floor will get wet from time to time. I do wipe up spills but need something that can handle it and be easy to sweep up to find tiny pieces that were dropped. Thanks!

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