Dillon’s DIY Office

One Comment | Nov 29, 2022 |  Building of the Month

What’s a more cost-effective solution: moving into a new home to get office space or adding a backyard shed? For Dillon, the answer was simple; a DIY home office. He needed a space to work from home and knew a Tuff Shed® building would be the perfect place to start.

His recent career change allows him to work from home, which was an exciting prospect, save for the fact that he and his wife quickly ran out of interior space. First, he set up a workspace in the garage, but it became clear that he needed a more permanent solution. “First things first, a shed was cheaper than moving,” laughs Dillon. “And we knew that if we ever did move, an office shed would increase the value of our home, especially if it was done right.”

So, Dillon got to work on his new shed plans, starting with our online design tool. “It made using Tuff Shed the obvious choice. I could see what I was getting and the cost of it all, which made our decisions so much easier.” Dillon chose a 10×20 Premier PRO Series™ Tall Ranch with a house wrap option so he could get started on the drywall and insulation right away.

But before installation day, Dillon had to get his backyard prepped and level. We can’t say it any better than Dillion himself, so take a look at his experience with Tuff Shed from start to finish.

The DIY Office Experience

Dillon’s DIY office is one awesome backyard workspace. And as for his final thoughts on using Tuff Shed for future projects? “I’d absolutely choose to work with Tuff Shed again. It was such a streamlined process, and everyone knows the brand name, so if I ever need another building, I know Tuff Shed will be there.” We couldn’t agree more, Dillion!  

One thought on “Dillon’s DIY Office

  1. That is awesome. My brother is off to college and chose a uni near me. We don’t have the house space but big yard, so we are thinking along these lines. More privacy than the dorm, and he wont have to take out a loan for living space. Thanks for the cost breakdown.

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