The Price is Right with Tuff Shed

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Recently, Tuff Shed finished a series of appearances on the popular gameshow, The Price is Right, where contestants were hoping to win an elegant 8’ x 12’ Tuff Shed Premier Pro Series™ Studio.

Pat Wins Big with her New Tuff Shed

Including Pat from Redlands, CA, two contestants won the Tuff Shed prize. Pat fulfilled the wishes of her late sister, who always wanted to see the The Price is Right in person. Pat not only won several prizes but also went home with what we humbly argue is the best – her very own Tuff Shed.

“I won this beautiful, lovely, Tuff Shed, and we’re just beside ourselves we’re so happy.” Pat said.

Many people, including Pat, think this particular Tuff Shed building is beautiful. Each appearance on the show caused a skyrocketing of interest in the shed.

Tuff Shed offers a perfect Price is Right prize.

This 8’ X 12’ Premier Pro Series Studio features Dover Gray paint, with Delicate White trim and Black Magic shutters (though Pat decided to go with white for her prize). Then, the roof is adorned with Pewter Gray Dimensional Premium Shingles. Pat’s entrance consists of a Full-Lite Residential Double Door. Finally, for maximum natural light, the building includes two 3’x3’ Insulated Horizontal Sliding windows.

Pat and her husband, both retired law enforcement professionals, are putting the other prizes she won on The Price is Right to use inside the Tuff Shed. The Tuff Shed building enhances an already serene backyard setting with its location nearby their existing swimming pool. Referring to the building as their ‘relaxation station’, both Pat and her husband were ready to use it right away. Especially after watching the Tuff Shed Authorized Installers working hard to deliver and install her prize in her backyard.

The Tuff Shed Way is Quick and Easy

“I couldn’t be happier with this company,” Pat said. “They got here this morning, and before dinner, they finished the shed,” she observed. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? Well, they certainly built this Tuff Shed in no time.”

Do you want to be the next contestant on The Tuff Shed is Right? You don’t have to be ‘called on down’ to get your very own Tuff Shed; just reach out today and find the perfect build to make your backyard perfect.

2 thoughts on “The Price is Right with Tuff Shed

  1. I have two sheds that I bought from you years ago. And my husband and I would like to buy another one if the “price is right”

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