DIY Workshop: Outdoor Murphy Bar

0 Comments | Jun 18, 2021 |  DIY

Get ready for backyard barbecues and summer parties by adding extra outdoor entertaining space around your shed. This DIY murphy bar project can be customized to fit your space and your shed. We’ve added ours to the back wall of our shed, creating a cozy backyard speakeasy. Follow along with our DIY project and create a backyard entertaining space of your own.

This murphy bar can be a great addition to both the exterior and the interior of your shed. We’ve added ours to the back wall on the exterior and finished it out with waterproofing to ensure it’s built to last through all seasons. Since we installed it on a wall featuring a bright mural, we chose a basic stain to match the DIY modern chairs. You can customize this project with your favorite stain color or paint scheme.

You can follow along with our DIY video below to get started. We’ve attached cut lists and a few helpful photos of the project to help you along your way during this project.

Project Tips:

  • When attaching the murphy bar to your building, be sure that you’re drilling directly into the studs for a secure hold.
  • It can help to have a second set of hands for this project, especially while assembling the support frame.
  • Most importantly – have your favorite cold beverage ready so you can enjoy it in your new entertaining space.

And if you’d like a few other DIY projects to finish out your backyard entertaining space, we’ve got you covered. You can find a guide to the DIY mural seen in this video here and our string light holder here.

We’d love to see the photos of your finished murphy bars. Be sure to tag us online or send in photos to our team. Happy building!

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