DIY Workshop: Modern Outdoor Chairs

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Backyard living is better with a comfortable chair. Our DIY Modern Outdoor Chairs will help you create a backyard space that’s meant for relaxing. From stain, paint, and cushion style, you can completely customize these chairs to fit your space. This summer, your backyard will be the perfect place to kick back and relax, with these modern outdoor chairs right in the middle of it all.

Our chairs have a simple design, allowing you to customize the cut sheet to fit your preferred cushion size. We chose oversized 25”x25” cushions from the Home Depot for a comfortable backyard easy chair. This design will also fit 24”x24” cushions, which are more widely common.  If you have a different style of cushion you’d like to use, adjust the cut sheet accordingly. Choose your favorite outdoor wood stain or paint for your unique finishing touch. And be sure to paint or stain your boards before cutting them to size.

Follow along with our DIY guide and be sure to share photos of your finished chairs next to your shed. Now, kick back and enjoy a well-earned break in your new chair.

Here’s our DIY guide to making the concrete planter shown in this video. This project is another great way to add your own style your backyard entertaining space.

Cut List (single chair)

(4) 2×4 @ 22 ¼” – Used for chair legs

(6) 2×6 @ 28 ½” – Used for side slats

(2) 2×4 @ 31 ½” – Used for arm rests

(4) 2×6 @ 25” – Used for front and back slats

(2) 2×4 @ 25” – Used for front top slat and back top slat

(2) 2×2 @ 25 ½” – Used for inside cleat

(5) 2×4 @ 25” – Used for seat slats

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