Cost Breakdown: Tuff Shed Versus Self Storage

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As more and more homeowners choose to remain in their homes rather than move, the self-storage industry is booming. But all that extra space can come with a cost. So how does it stack up against backyard sheds?

33% of self-storage renters have run out of space in their homes, so adding a backyard shed could give them the needed space. A rental unit may seem like a cost-effective solution, but you may think differently when you add up the additional fees and surcharges. With our Rent-To-Own and Financing options, we’ve got a cost breakdown for your storage planning.

The Storage Facility

For an average 10×10 climate-controlled indoor storage rental, including administrative fees, taxes, and storage insurance, you’ll pay around $191 per month.

The Tuff Shed Building

For a 10×10 Tuff Shed building in your backyard, the average monthly payment is around $86. That’s more than double the savings. So what else do you save when you have a storage shed in the backyard?

Not only are there hard cost savings with a backyard shed, but there are also plenty of intangible savings. Consider the convenience of a shed in your backyard. You’ll save travel time and gas money and have the ability to access your stored items whenever you so choose.

Even better, you’ll add value to your property. There are many ways that a shed can add value, especially if it’s a customized design to match your home. Our online design tool allows you to customize your shed from the ground up while keeping it within your budget.

You’re investing in your home when you add a new storage shed to your backyard. The average storage rental is 20 months, with the total cost ending at around $3,800. And when that time is up, you can either have a useful shed in your backyard, ready for its next job, or a move-out day of a storage unit.

So, get yourself a storage solution that’s convenient, cost-effective, and long-lasting. When you add a Tuff Shed building to your backyard, you’ll have a storage solution that works for you rather than a monthly bill for an offsite facility. No matter how you slice it, it pays to get yourself a shed.

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