Corey Wadley’s Functional Art Guitars

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By: Laurie Dunklee
North Denver Tribune

Posted: November 8, 2014


Nostalgic Homes’ owner has a soft spot for all things vintage

Berkeley–Corey Wadley likes vintage things: houses, cars and especially guitars.

Wadley, co-owner of Nostalgic Homes realty with wife Jenny Apel, lives in a house built in 1900, with a garage out back specially built for his three restored mid-century-vintage Cadillacs. In his backyard Tuff Shed, he builds 10 to 15 custom electric guitars each year, as well as restoring some classic instruments.

“I like vintage things because of their style,” Wadley says. “I like curved lines, gold foil and shiny chrome. I build my guitars to be functional pieces of art.”

His “V-16” brand guitars are inspired by classic guitar models, but they are uniquely his own. “They’re my own design but reminiscent of certain guitars,” Wadley said. His solid-body model is inspired by the 1960s Mosrite “Ventures” model, but he adds an elongated “swoop” on one upper bout. “The reverse body style looks like it’s in backwards motion,” he said.

Wadley’s semi-hollow-body guitar is reminiscent of a Gibson. “People respond best to traditional shapes, so you need to be patient when introducing something new. It might not be accepted right away.”

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Photo: North Denver Tribune; Corey Wadley stands in front of his collection of visually inspiring guitars.

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