Six Reasons to Buy a Tuff Shed

0 Comments | Feb 11, 2013 |  Get To Know Tuff Shed
  1. The Quality of Our Materials: Unlike metal and plastic buildings, our buildings feature TUFF SHED patented steel reinforced doors, heavy-duty treated floor decking, a heavy-duty roofing system, LP Silver Tech Radiant Barrier Siding, and beefed up wall framing.
  1. The Ability to Completely Customize: Do you want walls that are a little taller? Living quarters over the garage? French-doors? Windows that fold open for selling concessions? Odds are that TUFF SHED can build the structure that you need.
  1. Our Patented Heavy-Duty Hinges: TUFF SHED hinges keep the door steady and in place for years to come. You can’t buy these hinges anywhere except on TUFF SHED buildings. They are one of several features that make our door system the best in the industry.
  1. Our Unbeatable Warranties: When you purchase a TUFF SHED building, you also get a 5-Year, 7-Year or 10-Year limited warranty on materials and workmanship depending on the building series. Because we stand behind our products, we are proud to offer limited warranty coverage varying in scope on our different products.
  1. Our Heavy-Duty Treated Floor Decking and Roofing System: TUFF SHED buildings are made out of quality materials, unlike metal and plastic buildings.
  1. Free delivery and installation: Our local professionals help guide customers through the entire design and construction process, with installation of our buildings included in the purchase price.

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