All The Rage Among Equine-Horse Caves

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There are man caves, which provide the man of the house with refuge to watch sports and drink a beer. And mom caves, which provide a haven for her to gossip with girlfriends and relax. There are even playrooms for kids and kennels for dogs. But what about a place for the other furry members of the family?

Meet Rags To Riches, a retired thoroughbred racehorse. Although, loved and adored by his new family, he felt unappreciated and neglected. That was until recently, when Rags got a space of his very own – a horse cave.

Much like the well-known man cave, Rags’ horse cave gives him a space where he can relax, display his many racing trophies and escape the daily grind.

His horse cave is a TUFF SHED loafing shed, which provides him with plenty of space to hang his tack, bet on the races with his friends and enjoy a sweet sugar cube.

TUFF SHED loafing sheds are perfect for horse caves because not only do they provide horses like Rags shelter, but they are also multi-purpose buildings that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Our loafing sheds are built with the same quality materials and craftsmanship as our standard Premier Series storage buildings, with a typical layout including one enclosed section, and one or more bays that have a dirt floor and are open on one side.

Most TUFF SHED loafing sheds are fashioned after the Premier Series Tall Ranch or Tall Barn buildings. Rags’ family went all out for his horse cave with a 10’x30’ Premier Tall Ranch Loafing Shed, with a window, custom paint, and 4-foot interior plywood kickwall– everything a successful retired racehorse deserves.

2 thoughts on “All The Rage Among Equine-Horse Caves

    1. Hi Kiersten, our team would be happy to provide more details about our loafing shed models. You can send us an email at with your location and a good phone number to reach you and one of our representatives will be in contact. Thank you!

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