Working From Home in Style

19 Comments | Jul 16, 2020 |  Building of the Month

What makes a great home office? As a realtor, Dirk knew exactly how he could transform a backyard shed and start working from home in style. His customizations turned our Premier PRO Studio shed into a cozy workspace with plenty of room to get down to business.

Dirk had been planning on adding an extra workspace to his home for years, but wasn’t sure where to start. Rather than renovating his home, Dirk came to Tuff Shed. “From a real estate perspective, you’re adding 100 square feet and that’s a big upgrade to your home value,” says Dirk. “Tuff Shed has been in the business so long that you’re going to get efficiency, transparency, and some great advice on choosing your shed.”

Working with our Milpitas, CA team, Dirk designed a 10×12 Premier PRO Studio with a few oversized windows and full lite French doors. He finished out the studio with electricity, insulation, and faux wood linoleum flooring, creating a workspace that’s bright and functional. “I can go out to the office and have uninterrupted conference calls, away from our busy home. It’s full of natural light, I can get fresh air, and it’s finished out to fit our style,” says Dirk.

As home offices grow in popularity, Dirk has some advice for all those thinking about working from home. “The work from home trend may be new, but Tuff Shed has been designing and building these for years. Their baseline product is a great starting point to customize from, almost like ordering a hamburger and getting all the toppings you want and having a professional assemble it.”

Want to design a studio like Dirk’s for your own home office? Start with a 10×12 Premier PRO Studio then add the following options. You’ll have a great home office in no time.

19 thoughts on “Working From Home in Style

    1. Thanks for reaching out, Dwayne. Our teams specialize in the outer shell of buildings and do not finish out interiors.

  1. I saw one of your sheds at a friends house and I was blown away by the looks and practical appearance. It fit right in to their yard and was painted the same color of thee house .Seriously I didn’t get paid to praise the quality and low cost of this shed. Now I’m trying to figure out a reason to buy one myself because it is such a great value for the cost.

    1. Hi Elle, while our teams don’t finish out the interior of the building, you can certainly design your building with house wrap to accommodate insulation after the building is installed.

  2. Hi, I like the look but could not find full light French door as an option on configuring this or other sheds. Is it a special order item? Thanks!

    1. Hi Shelia, the full lite double doors may not be available in your area due to building regulations but your local team can certainly help with those details and help to design a great shed that fits your needs.

    1. Hi Kathy, that’s a bit larger than our size options for our Premier PRO Studio but that size is certainly available for our other models. We recommend meeting with your local Tuff Shed team to work out a design that works great for your needs.

  3. Any change I can have all the specific configurations for Dirk’s design (including paint colors, trim, etc.)?

    1. Hi Shelia, you sure can. Your local Tuff Shed team will be happy to help you get you a quote and ensure the design pictured above works well for your area. We recommend contacting them directly to schedule an appointment and get started.

    1. Hi Sam, our buildings are installed on our galvanized steel foundation. If you’d prefer to have a building installed directly on a cement slab, you’ll need to have a separate contractor pour the slab. Our teams can then install the building directly on top.

    1. Hi Joli, it’s certainly been done, however our team does not handle any electric or plumbing work for buildings. Any additional finishing touches will need to be taken care of by another contractor.

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