Tuff Shed Production Teams Installing Record Number of Buildings

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Updated July 20, 2020

A combination of factors have led to record numbers of Tuff Shed buildings being manufactured and installed since June 1. Increased customer demand has been the main contributor to the trend, which saw Tuff Shed install more than 10,000 buildings in the Month of June alone. Based on trends, that number will be closer to 11,000 buildings during the Month of July. Customers spending more time at home has contributed to this increased demand, in addition to some pent up demand dating back to March and early April.

Another factor leading to this record output is that Tuff Shed has been actively adding production capacity to every one of its factories across the country. That includes carpenter / pre-fab employees inside the shop, as well as authorized installer sub-contractor crews for building installations.

Here are some important reminders on designing, buying and scheduling a Tuff Shed building to be installed:

  • Record customer demand can lead to longer call back times and delayed installation dates. Please be patient with us while we adjust to this new business environment.
  • Masks are required inside all Tuff Shed factories. Employees, sub-contractors and customers must be wearing face coverings in order to enter our facilities. The safety of these groups of people are of upmost priority to us.
  • In-person and virtual sales appointments are available. Our sales locations are open for business, and we’re taking extra precautions with social distancing measures, additional cleaning/disinfecting, and making use of technology to provide sales and design consultations that are safe and convenient. If you’d prefer a virtual sales and design consultation via phone and computer, just let us know.
  • Installers will never need to enter your home. Our Authorized Installers also understand the importance of safety. That’s why they’ll wear masks while on your property and never need to enter your home, and during the installation of your building.


3 thoughts on “Tuff Shed Production Teams Installing Record Number of Buildings

  1. We live in the Finger Lakes area of New York. I’d like to have a “sleepover shed” for our grandkids. We’re looking at a location 100’ uphill from our house. How does the ground/base need to be prepped( stone, cement, other)? Are the shed sections pre-fab, or totally built on site? We do not have a driveway to our selected spot.

    1. Hi Christine, that sounds like a great project! There are several great options you can choose for a foundation, from leveled dirt to cement, as long as it’s within 4″ of level. Our teams of trained installers deliver and install your building onsite from prefabricated components, designed and built at our factories. Your local Tuff Shed team can certainly answer any questions you have and help to design a great “sleepover shed” for you.

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