When One Tuff Shed Building Isn’t Enough

3 Comments | Apr 27, 2016 |  Building of the Month

Tuff Shed buildings can be customized to fit nearly any need, something these enthusiastic Tuff Shed owners quickly took advantage of. While engineering plans for a custom garage, they began to see a number of benefits with our do-it-all buildings and decided to expand from a single building to a collection of three.

The first, a Premier Ranch shed, is used as a storage center for gardening tools and other lawn upkeep materials and supplies.

The Storage Shed holds supplies for lawn care and yard upkeep.
The Storage Shed holds supplies for lawn care and yard upkeep.

The second, a Garden Ranch shed, has been retrofitted for use as a chicken coop. To modify the building into their ideal coop, they utilized open window frames to hold egg boxes and covered the remaining open space with chicken wire. Additionally, the coop has a solar, timed door that opens in the morning allowing the chickens to explore outside the coop.

But the real star of the show is the customized 24’ x 24’ garage. With 48” enclosed soffit eaves on the side walls and an extra foot of wall height this garage certainly stands out. The stucco finish also matches the profile of the main house on the property while keeping in tune with a laid back California style. The owners are avid outdoor enthusiasts with quite the collection of outdoor toys and the large garage allows them to fully enjoy their hobbies. Custom overhangs are used to protect surfboards stored on the exterior walls and the extra space inside the garage will house paddle boards, kayaks, bikes and other accessories. Of course, they’ll try to leave a little space for their vehicles as well.

The two car stucco garage houses outdoor sports items for the owners.
The Stucco garage houses outdoor sports items.

We can’t wait to see what building challenge they’ll turn to us for next.





3 thoughts on “When One Tuff Shed Building Isn’t Enough

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