Tour the Sarkany’s Barn Garage

7 Comments | Aug 20, 2020 |  Get To Know Tuff Shed

Ready for a shed tour that will make you smile? The Sarkany family from Idaho all participated in this great Show off Your Shed tour, highlighting all the ways they put their two-story barn garage to good use. Join the Sarkany’s on a tour of their customized 20×26 Premier Barn Garage.

7 thoughts on “Tour the Sarkany’s Barn Garage

    1. Hi Evan, our teams do not typically produce sunrooms or atriums. The greenhouse addition on the Sarkany’s barn was added by the family after our team installed the building.

  1. I was wondering if I could design my own tuff shed? I have different blueprints and would want to know what the cost would be?

    1. Hi Akise, that sounds like a great project. Since you already have a plan in mind, our advice is to chat with your local Tuff Shed team. They’ll be able to assist with a quote and get you set up with our engineering team to make your dream building come to life. You can find the contact information for your local team here:

    1. Hi Robyn, the Sarkany’s chose a custom paint color for their barn. Our closest copy to their paint scheme would be a Solitary State base with Delicate White Trim. Solitary State will be a bit lighter than the Sarkany’s base paint.

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