Darryl’s Backyard Paradise

0 Comments | Aug 20, 2020 |  Building of the Month

Darryl has big plans for his backyard. He’s creating a beachy paradise, featuring a full sand volleyball court. But what beach-themed hangout is complete with out a Tiki bar?

As he planned his backyard renovation, his daughter introduced the idea of a Tiki bar. “After she brought it up, I got onto Pinterest, saw some different designs, and started setting aside some of the good stuff,” says Darryl. Eventually, he found his way to Tuff Shed designing a Lean-To shed that would fit his needs.

His new 6×10 Premier Lean-To features some great custom features to bring the Tiki bar to life, including a rollup canister door, swings, and thatched roof. The bamboo exterior finish came later on. “Well, when I designed it, I thought I really picked out some great tropical colors but my wife just hated it,” laughs Darryl. “Since we already were getting some bamboo fencing for the backyard we decided to add some to the exterior of the bar as well.”

Now that the Tiki bar is all finished, Darryl is ready to enjoy a few backyard happy hours – and start a trend. “I would absolutely recommend Tuff Shed for projects like this. With a little extra work finishing it out, we got exactly what we wanted and I think a lot of people could do the same thing.”

Dirk's tiki shed is a complete backyard paradise.

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