Rudy and Helen’s Rustic Retreat

3 Comments | Jan 18, 2022 |  Building of the Month

Rudy and Helen’s rustic retreat shed is a perfect mix of a well-built space and antique flair. From a reclaimed wood potting bench to the barn wood floors, their new Tuff Shed building is full of style. And with all the options to customize the design of their new shed, Rudy and Helen’s creativity was hard at work from the start of their project.

When they first started their shed journey, they researched all the options on the market. From DIY kits to other big-box builders, Rudy and Helen couldn’t find the custom storage solution they wanted. Then they checked out our online design tool. “It was so nice to work out the design online and really get the shed we wanted. I found myself coming back to the design over and over again to add windows, different door styles, and work with it to get our perfect garden shed,” says Rudy.

The final design is an 8×12 Premier Ranch, finished with custom paint colors to match their home. They also strategically placed the doors and windows on the shed to capture their garden’s morning light and sunsets. “It all worked out well. We needed the double door to access the lawn with our equipment, and it gives us the best view of our landscaping and unbeatable sunsets,” laughs Rudy.

Adding Rustic Charm

In addition to the custom paint, Rudy and Helen added a few extra touches to make their ideal rustic retreat. Rudy chose reclaimed barn boards for the flooring, planning and cleaning them before installing them. “I’m really proud of the flooring since it gives us the old rustic look we wanted, along with the shed being so well built with the steel base,” notes Rudy. Helen finished the interior design, adding some of her favorite antique décor and a custom potting bench.

Now that Rudy and Helen have had nearly a full year to enjoy their shed, they’ve got some excellent advice for future Tuff Shed customers. “If we could change one thing, we might make the shed a bit bigger. Once your building is installed, you can fill up the space pretty quickly. Our shed turned out even better than we thought, and I would recommend this process to anybody.”

3 thoughts on “Rudy and Helen’s Rustic Retreat

  1. I really like the way they did this, reminds me of a country market/antique store…great job and glad you folks shared the pictures.

  2. Fantastic! Such care and creativity went into this. I’m inspired. I just got the Lean to….not sure how to site it in my yard because it comes with a right side door instead of on the tall long wall.

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