One Million Buildings, One Fresh Start

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It seems that our One Millionth Building couldn’t have found a better home. The building, installed on December 2nd, is settling into its new space at the Kick Ranch Vineyard in Santa Rosa, CA.

It was purchased by Dick Keenan, a San Francisco resident and owner of the notable Sonoma County vineyard, Kick Ranch in Santa Rosa. The building actually serves as a replacement for his original Tuff Shed building, which was destroyed by recent wildfires.

Keenan purchased his original Tuff Shed building back in 2003 to store tools and supplies for his vineyard. When the California wildfires ripped through the area, the building and its contents were completely demolished. Yet even after the disastrous past months, you’d be hard-pressed to find Keenan without a smile on his face. “All across Sonoma County we’re rebuilding. The wineries are reopened, we’re fixing things, and our local area has really banded together,” says Keenan.


To further celebrate the occasion, Mr. Keenan and Tuff Shed CEO Tom Saurey made a joint donation to the Sonoma County Winegrowers’ Association to be used toward their wine workers housing fund.

Mr. Keenan’s new building is symbolic of the spirit in Sonoma County since the wildfires tore through the community. As he proudly stated, “Our new motto in this area is ‘Sonoma Strong’.” We couldn’t imagine a more deserving customer or a more fitting end to our One Millionth Building celebration.


The completed, One Millionth building.
The completed, One Millionth building.



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