Fall Car Maintenance Tips

0 Comments | Nov 16, 2012 |  DIY

It’s no secret that one of the more common uses for our buildings is to store and protect vehicles from the elements. Here are a few seasonal tips for your vehicles as the seasons change:

  • Change your wiper blades. Statistics show that wipers are generally used more frequently in the fall and winter. They’ll also be taking a lot more abuse from road grime and windshield-washer solvent, so it’s best to have a fresh set then.
  • Check and top off fluids. In fall, windshield-washer fluid needs to be replaced with a solvent that is suited for use in cold weather. Fall is also a good time to check your level of antifreeze.
  • Check your battery. Many electrical issues and ignition problems stem from loose or corroded battery connections so be sure to check your battery regularly.
  • Do the penny test. Insert a penny in the grooves of your tire so that Abraham Lincoln’s head faces downward. Check to see whether you can still see Honest Abe’s face. If the tire tread obscures his face, then your tires probably don’t need to be replaced. However, if the tires grooves are shallow enough that all of Lincoln’s face can still be seen, it may be time for new tires.

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