Building the Missing Piece

2 Comments | Mar 24, 2016 |  Building of the Month

Oh the difference a shed can make. Kristi and Wayne Teague bought land a few years back to use as a weekend retreat. They quickly realized their weekend haven needed a small addition ­– a central hub on the property where they could kick back and relax. The Teagues looked into having a cabin built on the property, but unfortunately, permitting and other costs made them wary. Luckily while road tripping, the Teagues came across the Auburn, CA Tuff Shed store. “We found out we could order a custom shed and get that instant gratification without the time and worry on our end,” says Kristi.

They chose a customized 12×16 Weekender with an 8’ deck and a 4’ porch overhang. Additional upgrades include two 3×3 and one 3×4 dual pane, single hung windows. “When we were looking at all the customization options we realized our new building wouldn’t just be functional, it could be cute too”, said Kristi. The Weekender was installed in a single day and while Kristi and Wayne were worried about the rural location of their property, the crew found it with no trouble. Now nicknamed “The Cabin”, the Teagues are happy with their new getaway.

They primarily use their shed as a place to get away from it all while hiking and exploring the surrounding land. Without electricity they’ve found they can truly disconnect and relax, free of distractions.

Whether they’re sketching views of the nearby canyon, reading or lounging on the porch, their shed is the perfect home base for their vacation property. Kristi is excited for all the possibilities their new Weekender holds. “Things are just coming together without us really planning it, and I’m really looking forward to all the things we can do with it.”

2 thoughts on “Building the Missing Piece

    1. It’s a cabin Alfredo. One big room. People will build in storage under a bed if that’s something they need and want.
      I too have a Weekender cabin, and love it. We built a small storage loft to hold chairs, a small grill, and other items. Below is our bed (with under tote storage that holds linens, clothes, and extra blankets). We have a small camp style kitchen, portapotti, and propane heater to keep everything off grid. It’s a perfect getaway cabin for our needs.

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