Tuff Shed Vs. RV Fire

11 Comments | Sep 09, 2015 |  Building of the Month

These photos were sent to Austin General Manager Homer Saenz after a customer experienced an RV Fire that damaged their home, yard, and the Tuff Shed barn the RV was parked next to. The fire was caused by a faulty refrigerator. Shown below is the aftermath of the fire. The Tuff Shed garage came out relatively well with some melting of shingles, some melting of the garage door, and some minor siding damage. The insurance adjuster commented multiple times to the customer that the Tuff Shed was very well built, and he specifically told her to go directly to Tuff Shed for the repairs. So the customer was extremely happy with their building and asked us to give her a quote on doing repairs.


11 thoughts on “Tuff Shed Vs. RV Fire

  1. Best investment I ever made… Tuff Sheds are far and above ANY competitors product… Sure, they aren’t cheap, but these comments from an insurance adjustor just reinforce what any Tuff Shed owner already knew… Tuff Sheds ARE worth EVERY PENNY. PERIOD.

      1. Hi Margaret,

        Thanks for your interest in this build. Due to the number of customizations on the building, we don’t have a final quote on file. We recommend using our Build-A-Quote configurator and put together a quote that fits the exact style you’re looking for.

    1. Like to see some more pictures of the interior is possible! Nice looking Tuff Shed.
      I’m looking to put one of these up on my land in Central Colorado and this would fit
      the bill. Thanks.

    1. Hi Nicolas – this is a Premier Barn Garage with custom upgrades. In order to provide you with a quote for a similar garage please email me at ccare@tuffshed.com with your zip code and a good contact number. I’ll forward your information on to a local representative that help you put a quote together. Thanks.

  2. We have two of the smaller Tuff Sheds and love both. The older one is 14 years old with no need, yet, to repaint, no sag to the door and just as we purchased. Would recommend to anyone. Now thinking of a 10′ by 20′ two story barn.

  3. I don’t own a Tuff Shed, but I do own an RV. What most folks wouldn’t know is that the single greatest cause of RV fires (by far) are RV refrigerators. They are just plain dangerous and have been the cause of many deaths. Fortunately, the RV industry is moving more and more towards regular residential refrigerators.

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