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Are your cattle one of your main sources of income? Or do you regard your horses as members of the family? Then a loafing shed would be a wise investment.

A loafing shed is a shelter that is specifically designed to house animals and provides protection from wind, rain, sun and other elements. It also makes a great storage area for tack and other supplies.

Horse shelters date back as far as the Egyptians, who drew stables on royal tombs and noted their existence in royal inscriptions. Similarly, the Hebrew bible mentions the famous stables of King Solomon and Chinese history notes that the Emperor cared for and sheltered a heard of royal horses.

Loafing sheds, also referred to as run-in sheds, are simply small barns designed to protect your livestock, and should be built with the same construction techniques as any other well-built shed to ensure a strong structure that will withstand the effects of nature and animals.

At TUFF SHED, our loafing shed is a multi-purpose building, which incorporates the same materials and craftsmanship as our standard Premier Series storage buildings. This type of building has many different applications, and can be built to virtually any specification, with as many stalls as necessary. The typical layout for the loafing shed includes one enclosed section, fashioned after the Premier Series Tall Ranch or Tall Barn, and one or more bays that have a dirt floor and are open on one side. And our loafing shed is also available with Premier PRO Series features.

4 thoughts on “Tuff Shed Loafing Shed

    1. Hi Rachel,

      If you’d like to send us a good contact number and your zip code to ccare@tuffshed.com we’ll forward it on to your local team who will reach out and speak with you about a quote. You can also check out our build-a-quote page and start putting together a quote for a loafing shed in your region. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

    1. Hi Julie, we recommend reaching out to your local Tuff Shed office. They’ll be happy to help order replacement doors for your loafing shed. You can find the contact information for your local office on our locations page here: https://www.tuffshed.com/locate/. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

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