Tuff Shed Interior DIY Ideas

2 Comments | Apr 13, 2015 |  DIY

Are you a DIYer? While we don’t finish out the interiors of our buildings, there are endless possibilities of what they can be used for.

Have you always wanted a home office? What about an art studio with great natural lighting? Or are you ready to step up you fitness game with your own private gym?

A Tuff Shed building can be turned into any of these things. With a little DIY work or by hiring out a contractor, you can add interior finishing touches like insulation, drywall, lighting, flooring and furniture to fulfill your big project dreams.

Check out these photos of a few display buildings from a recent home and garden show. To give customers an idea of how they could finish out the interior of any Tuff Shed building to make it their own livable space we teamed up with American Furniture Warehouse in Denver to create an office, an art studio, a yoga studio and a man cave.


2 thoughts on “Tuff Shed Interior DIY Ideas

  1. My Tuff Shed has SilverTech Radiant insulation on the interior walls. I want to cover these walls with drywall and paint the walls. Will this create a moisture problem that can lead to mold?

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Great question. The radiant barrier may hold moisture if you install drywall to the interior walls. We recommend speaking with your local team to get an idea of what other customers have done when finishing out the interiors of their sheds in your region. They’ll provide the most accurate answer for you. Thank you!

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