Tuff Shed Gets Western at 106th Stock Show

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Only in the wild West would a day filled with trudging around stockyard pens and admiring livestock become a staple 16-day celebration every year.

The first ever National Western Stock Show opened on a mild, January day in Denver a little over 100 years ago. That day, hundreds of stockmen and agriculture students swarmed a circus big-top that had been set up at the Denver Union Stockyards, establishing what would become an annual affair for the West.

Before that first opening day on January 29, 1906, western stockmen lacked a large regional market to receive their animals and the cost of shipping to markets in the East cut into already slim annual profits. So as a solution to the woes of stockmen in the West the National Western Stock Show was born.

Now in it’s 106th year, the National Western Stock Show boasts an average attendance of over 600,000, with more than 15,000 head of cattle, horses, sheep, swine, goats, llamas, alpacas, bison, yak, poultry and rabbits.

Nowadays, the National Western Stock Show is known, not only for its variety of livestock exhibits, but also for the infamous shows put on annually. This year, the Stock Show hosts 42 ticketed performances, including the ProRodeo Finals and the Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza.

In addition to the animals and live entertainment, the event has also become a trade show for more than 350 vendors, including TUFF SHED. The Stock Show showcases a variety of merchants, offering everything from storage sheds to fine art and jewelry.

This year, to celebrate TUFF SHED being an official supplier of the National Western Stock Show, we’re giving away a 10×20 Premier Series Loafing Shed to one lucky customer.

Our loafing shed is a multi-purpose building, incorporating the same materials and craftsmanship as our standard Premier Series storage buildings. Traditionally used by horse owners as shelter for their animals and storage for tack, this type of building has many different applications, and can be built to virtually any specification, with as many stalls as necessary.

One thought on “Tuff Shed Gets Western at 106th Stock Show

  1. I just wanted to give Tuff Shed a huge thanks. It was wonderful of you guys to supply a Tuff Shed for breastfeeding mothers. My daughter and I were able to feed in comfort and security. The shed itself was awesome, bright pink and called the Mom’s Area with couches. Thanks again for making it easier, convenent and comfortable!!

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