Tuff Shed Builds Simply Aligned Home’s Dream Workshop

0 Comments | Nov 07, 2023 |  Building of the MonthDIY

Social Media Influencer Nicole Pankopp with Simply Aligned Home and Tuff Shed ® recently partnered to build her dream workshop. We captured her entire journey from start to finish, which you can view in the video below.

Simply Aligned Home shares DIY and interior design tutorials with the intent of sparking inspiration for home renovation projects in others.

Simply Aligned Home and Tuff Shed

Nicole is an engineer turned influencer who shares DIY tutorials, home renovations, and interior design. You can find her on social media as @SimplyAlignedHome. Nicole had all her tools stored in her garage, which was not only taking up needed space but was also becoming a hassle, as she constantly had to move everything in and out to work. As her business grew, she realized she needed a dedicated space. After researching, she discovered that turning a Tuff Shed into her Simply Aligned Home dream workshop was a perfect solution.

The Design Process 

Nicole started using the Tuff Shed configuration tool online, where she customized her 14ft x 14ft Premier PRO Series Ranch Garage. She wanted it to be modern with lots of natural light, so her sales representative, Joseph Torres, recommended a clerestory upgrade. Another prominent feature she wanted was a roll-up door and ramps to be able to shift her workspace outside more easily. “There were so many customization options, I was really impressed,” says Nicole. “I feel like the possibilities are endless with Tuff Shed.” 

Installation Made Simple 

After Nicole finalized her design, her shed was custom-built in our Denver factory. Before she knew it, the team packaged the components of her shed on a trailer and delivered and assembled it all in one day. To finish out the shed, Nicole is adding electrical, insulation, drywall, pegboard, and cabinets to make it functional for her needs. “My Tuff Shed is going to be a game changer. I can’t wait to not haul my tools in and out of my garage every day I work,” Nicole said. The completed shed checks all the boxes on Nicole’s list. We are happy to have helped upgrade her work environment so she can continue to grow her business. Get started customizing your very own Tuff Shed today!

14’ X 14’ Premier PRO Series™ Ranch Garage 

Clerestory Upgrade

16” x 8” Transom Windows (5)

4’ x 3’ Window (1)

3’ Premium Vinyl Window Box (1)

3’ x 6’7″ Shed Door 

6’ x 7’ Roll-up Door 

Housewrap Vapor Barrier

12” x 12” Gable End Vents & Ridge Vents (2)

One pair of 3’ Shutters

As Nicole finishes customizing her Tuff Shed, follow along to see her dream workshop and other impressive DIY projects on her social media channel (@SimplyAlignedHome). You can also keep up with Nicole’s Tuff Shed journey on our social accounts (@tuffshed).