A Glimpse into Alex’s Backyard Art Studio

0 Comments | Dec 07, 2023 |  Building of the Month

Designer and illustrator Alex Asfour has been making art his whole life. After starting a freelance business (IdeaStorm Studios) nearly ten years ago and constantly working out of his bedroom and from his couch, he realized he needed a dedicated space.

In the quest for a suitable workspace, Alex concluded that he wanted a separate building, distinct from his home. However, this choice brought forth a unique challenge, as he resides in Florida and must contend with stringent building codes due to the many hurricane regulations in place. After an extensive search, he eventually discovered the answer with Tuff Shed®. As a company that’s highly experienced in the industry, not only was he able to meet all the necessary regulations, but he also found the creative space he desired.

After using our online design tool and working with a local representative, Alex decided on an 8ft X 12ft Premier PRO SeriesRanch and had it installed in his backyard. “I love my Tuff Shed,” said Alex. “It allows me to focus on my work without distractions in my own space. A few steps and I’m in my office.” As far as the interior goes, Alex decorated it with past projects and art of his own to create an atmosphere that authentically embodies the feel of an art studio.

It’s a masterpiece!

We are delighted to have helped Alex find the perfect workspace, enabling him to continue the growth of his business. You can see some of Alex’s work on his Instagram account @alex247 or his website IdeaStorm Studios. Whether you’re in search of your own art studio, a relaxing retreat, or additional storage, we are happy to assist you in designing the building of your dreams. Take the first step today by exploring our products page and utilizing our online configurator to begin the customization process.

Building Details:

  • 8ft X 12ft Premier PRO Ranch
  • 4ft X 6’2ft Single Shed Door
  • High Wind – Miami/Dade
  • 2 Ea. 2ft X 2ft Insulated Horizontal Sliding Window
  • 2 Ea. Flood Vents
  • 2 Ea. 16in X 8in Wall Vent
  • Charcoal Dimensional Premium Shingles