Transform Your Table: DIY Centerpiece

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Centerpieces set the mood of any holiday gathering or dinner party, and homemade pieces add a little extra flair to the festivities. This simple fall foliage candleholder brings the perfect amount of fall to any table and takes no time to put together. Make your table a little more festive or add some fall decor to your Tuff Shed building’s patio with this simple centerpiece.

Supplies Needed:

  • Leaves, Fabric or Found
  • Clear Dry Craft Glue
  • Foam Brush
  • Glass Jar, Any Shape
  • Raffia or Twine
  • Tea Light or Battery Operated Candle
  • Glass Cleaner

Begin by cleaning the outside of your glass jar. The leaves and glue won’t stick as well if the jar is dirty or oily. Any glass jar or container will work for this project, but it’s easiest if the container is smooth on the outside without any raised decorations.

If you’re using fabric leaves check for and remove plastic spines. They can make the leaves more difficult to paste to the jar.

Clean the Glass Jar with Glass Cleaner

After your glass is cleaned, start spreading glue onto a small area on your jar. Keep to small areas so the glue doesn’t dry before you’ve had a chance to stick on the leaves.


Once the first layer of glue becomes sticky, begin placing leaves on top.


Layer more glue on top of the leaves, smoothing out the edges. It helps to start spreading glue from the center of the leaf and work out to the edges.


Continue to paint small sections and layer leaves until you have the coverage you want, whether you want to fully cover the outside or prefer some open space for light to shine through. Check that all the edges of your leaves are pasted down and secured, without bumps or dry patches.


Leave the jar in a ventilated place to dry. It may take a few hours, so set a timer and check it’s progress periodically.

Once the glue has dried, tie twine or raffia around the jar for a festive finishing touch.


Place a tea light or battery operated candle in the jar and let your centerpiece shine at your holiday get together.


3 thoughts on “Transform Your Table: DIY Centerpiece

  1. I love these lights very pretty and inexpensive buy glass containers at the thrift store. My little pine cones go in the jar around the tea light.

  2. re the pretty jar with leaves. I am not artsy crafty at all. When you put the glue all over and it dries, how does it not make the glass look cloudy and messy. Doesnt the glue dry with smears all over the place? I thought that white elmers type glue that i have dries with white blobs and smears all over? what to do ….please phone or e mail if you know as i want to do this project with my grand child as a present for her mom..and i want it to look nice.

    1. Hi Carol,
      We used a clear dry craft glue called Mod Podge, available at most craft stores. Most craft glues will work for this project, but the most important thing to check for on the label is for a clear dry finish. Hopefully this helps!

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