The Tuff Shed Difference

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Storage space is coveted in almost every household. Whether it is an indoor closet or an outdoor shed, having some extra storage space can be very useful.

If you’re considering adding some more storage space and you have your eye on a storage shed, there are several factors you should take into consideration before you buy.

You should first consider what you would like to use your storage shed for. While storage sheds can hold everything from your lawnmower to last years Christmas decorations, what you intend to use your storage shed for will play a huge part in what you should buy.

If you just want extra storage space, you might think that all sheds are the same, but the quality of materials can vary greatly.

Storage sheds come in three basic materials – vinyl, metal and wood. Here is what to expect with plastic and metal sheds and how Tuff Shed buildings are different from the rest:

Plastic buildings:

  • These types of sheds are usually provide a reduced amount of storage space and are best used to store small items. While they often cost less than their counterparts, they do have their fair share of disadvantages. First and foremost, since plastic sheds are easy to build, they’re also easy to take apart and not as durable as other types of sheds. They are susceptible to being blown down in strong gusts of wind and other extreme weather due to how lightweight they are.
  • Plastic sheds are also not as attractive as wood sheds. Although they have come a long way aesthetically, now resembling wood grain, a plastic shed will never have the same charm and look as a wood shed. Their color also tends to fade over time when left in the sun since few are made with UV protected materials.

Metal buildings:

  • Similar to their plastic equivalents, metal sheds can be cost effective but have many disadvantages. Metal sheds are also lightweight and require anchoring to prevent damage from strong winds and other weather. With metal, also comes the potential for significant rust damage in the future, and over time may become an eyesore in your backyard.

Tuff Shed buildings:

  • To begin with,Tuff Shed buildings are made out of quality materials, unlike metal and plastic buildings. Our buildings featureTuff Shed patented steel reinforced doors, heavy-duty treated floor decking, a heavy-duty roofing system, and beefed up wall framing.
  • Tuff Shed buildings can also be completely customized to fit your needs. Do you want walls that are a little taller? Living quarters over the garage? French-doors? Windows that fold open for selling concessions? Odds are thatTuff Shed can build the structure that you need. With our in-house engineering department, expert sales consultants, and trained, full time installers, Tuff Shed can handle just about any kind customization.
  • Also, Tuff Shed buildings are manufactured locally and our sales and design professionals help guide customers through the entire design and construction process, with installation of our buildings included in the purchase price.
  • When you purchase a Factory-direct Tuff Shed building, you get a 5-Year, 7-Year or 10-Year limited warranty on materials and workmanship depending on the building series. Because we stand behind our products, we are proud to offer limited warranty coverage varying in scope on our different products. The ability to provide this protection to our customers resides in the confidence that we have in our suppliers, employees and products.
  • Lastly, unlike other companies, Tuff Shed is a company you can trust. Since 1981, Tuff Shed has been delivering on its customer promise of providing products of lasting value through the use of innovative engineering, proven construction techniques and expert consultative services.

4 thoughts on “The Tuff Shed Difference

    1. Hi Kaitte, for that size of building we recommend speaking with your local office about a quote. They’ll be able to put together a custom design for the building you have in mind and provide a quote for you. You can find the contact information for your local office here: Please let us know if you have any other questions!

    1. Great questions! We specialize in the shell of the buildings and let our customers customize the interior however they like. Typically Tuff Shed owners do insulate their buildings and many do also install electric work as well. It’s all up to you! For recommendations on the best finishing options we recommend speaking with your local team directly, as they’ll be able to point you in the best direction for your plan.

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