Radiant Barrier Siding and Roof Decking

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We’re in the midst of the dog days of summer! And if you’re looking for a way to keep things cool when it heats up outside, look no further. We use LP SilverTech Radiant Barrier Siding and LP SilverCrest Radiant Barrier Roof Decking on our Premier and Premier PRO series buildings. This high-tech material helps block radiant heat from entering and can keep the building (and all of your possessions inside) up to 30 degrees cooler!

LP Radiant Barrier Siding and Roof Decking is a high-quality product that is both insect and rot resistant and can significantly brighten the interior of any TUFF SHED building.

It’s also environmentally friendly! All wood materials that are used are harvested from sustainable, self-regenerating Aspen forests. Aspen trees are harvestable within 15 years, which is roughly half of the time required for other wood species.

Best of all it can be added to any ranch style building for the special price of $.50 per square foot, or any barn style building for $.75 per square foot. Treated floor decking resists rot and insect damage and can be added to any storage building for the special price of $.50 per square foot.

12 thoughts on “Radiant Barrier Siding and Roof Decking

    1. Hi Steve, we specialize in the outer shells of buildings, leaving the customization up to our customers. Many Tuff Shed owners have customized their sheds by adding sheetrock, air conditioning, and electricity.

  1. There is a large number of people in Tucson with multiple chemical sensitivities. My wife was one of them. They are always interested in products that might be safe for them. However, press board, formaldehyde, glue, pesticides and insecticides (as in “treated” products), and most things with fumes that create a strong odor are not safe for such people. Are any such materials in this product? If not, you might have a niche market at your fingertips.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Great questions! The great thing about our buildings is the possibilities for customizations. While some of our products may not fall under chemical sensitivity guidelines, our local teams are happy to work with customers to make sure the building they have is exactly what they’re looking for. If that means substituting a custom product rather than for example, our typical paint or shingles, our teams would be happy to do it.

    1. Hi Joshua, typically we don’t sell the components of our buildings separately, however you can check with your local office. They’ll be able to better help.

  2. I’m curious about the radiant barrier siding and finishing the interior. Can the barrier be thinly insulated over? Also, if you have a ridge vent, how do you keep all the warm air being sucked out of the vent? I’ve noticed there is no room to put and eve vents, which is how one would combat that otherwise.

    1. Hi Will, typically we don’t recommend adding insulation over the radiant barrier as it is already insulated. We do offer several options for ventilation, including wall, gable, roof, and turbine vents, and your local Tuff Shed team will be happy to put together a design with vents that fit your needs.

  3. Tuff shed.
    I did not have the radiant barrier siding put on my garage so that I could insulate and sheet rock later. But I did have radiant barrier roof decking put on thinking it would be vented and not condensate. Now I have second thoughts about that ceiling insulation. As long as I have vented the attic area, will condensation be an issue?

    1. Hi Jim, great questions. If the insulation and sheet rock are not installed flush against the radiant barrier, leaving space for a loft or attic area, there won’t be an issue of condensation. However, if the insulation and sheet rock are installed directly against the radiant barrier, there will condensation buildup even with the additional venting.

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