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0 Comments | May 18, 2014 |  Get To Know Tuff Shed

How does a company like TUFF SHED develop its well-deserved reputation for quality products and services? It starts with the customer. And that has been the case in each of our 30+ years of doing business. Our approach is designed to make it easy for our customer to get a high quality, customized TUFF SHED building. Here’s how:

  • We’re here to help you design and price your building and will even do a free site check on your property.
  • On-site assembly is included in the price of your TUFF SHED building. For no extra charge our authorized installers will assemble your building exactly where you want it, when you want it.
  • Our building components are pre-fabricated in our local factories to exacting standards. You get the shed customized just for you, and our authorized installers can complete the on-site assembly of your building in rapid fashion.
  • Our straight forward warranties are designed to give you peace of mind. TUFF SHED stands behind its products, and offers limited warranty coverage varying in scope on its different products. Our new building warranties cover material defects and workmanship, and if there is a repair issue covered by warranty, TUFF SHED will repair the problem.

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