Radiant Barrier Siding and Roof Decking

8 Comments | May 10, 2013 |  Get To Know Tuff Shed

Summer is right around the corner! Looking for a way to keep things cool when it heats up outside? We use radiant barrier siding and roof decking from industry leader LP on our Premier and Premier PRO buildings. This high-tech material helps block radiant heat from entering and can keep the building (and all of your possessions inside) up to 30 degrees cooler!

And the benefits of this material don’t end there. The shiny interior surface not only reflects heat back out of the building, but also reflects the light inside…making your building brighter…even with light from windows or skylights.

Plus, the siding material is treated to resist insect and moisture damage. Concerned about the environment? These LP prodcuts are environmentally friendly (the wood is harvested from sustainable, self-regenerating Aspen forests). And to top it off, the siding carries a manufacturer’s 5/50 Year Limited Warranty.

8 thoughts on “Radiant Barrier Siding and Roof Decking

  1. Just got a tuff shed with radiant barrier and I want to make into office . Would I still need to put in insulation before I put up the Sheetrock ?

    1. Hi Teresa,

      With the radiant barrier you won’t need to add any additional insulation. Thank you for taking the time to check in!

      1. Are you sure? A Tuff Shed rep told me I still needed it just recently.

        Second question – Do I need a separate vapor barrier if I’m conditioning the interior of my shed, or does the radiant barrier serve as one also?


        1. Hi Steven, extra insulation in addition to the radiant barrier is typically dependent on your location and climate. The same advice goes for an extra vapor barrier. Your local Tuff Shed team would certainly have the best advice as they’re most familiar with the needs for your area. We hope this is helpful.

  2. I have a shed on my property that I’m turning into a kennel. It has the white papery lining inside (the ceiling is silver inside). If I want to heat/cool the shed will I need to insulate it further? What kind of insulation will I need?

    1. Hi Jasmin, thanks for your comment. When it comes to insulating with our Radiant Barrier, we do have a few requirements to follow. We recommend speaking with your local Tuff Shed team about your plans for the kennel; they’ll be able to provide the best advice for climate control. Let us know if you have any other questions!

    1. Hi Jenny, thanks for reaching out. Typically we don’t recommend painting over the radiant barrier insulation as it creates a seal over the material and moisture won’t escape as easily. That being said, we do recommend contacting your local office with your question as they would have the most accurate advice for your region. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

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