Tuff Shed Door Options

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The door is the most important part of a shed. It is easily the most significant moving part of the building, and an item that the shed owner will use every time they enter the building.

Over time, a basic wood-framed door tends to succumb to the elements – they warp, they won’t close properly, etc. But not at TUFF SHED. Our door is one of a kind and is super heavy-duty, with a patented steel-reinforced design that is sheeted on both sides with LP engineered wood. It won’t twist or warp. Our heavy-duty hinges (each rated at 500 pounds) mean the door won’t sag. And our patented locking handle gives our customers security and easy access at the same time.

Plus, we still give you the freedom to customize your door. Choose to add a double door, add an additional single door, choose where the door is placed, which way it opens, add our in-the-door windows, choose what decorative trim designs are included and even what color the door is painted.

Upgrade the look of your TUFF SHED building with door options:

  • Our in-the-door window option, which can be added to a variety of TUFF SHED doors, provide natural light and are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. And the best part is this upgrade can be added to our shed doors for just $89 each on a single door or $59 each on double doors.
  • We also offer two styles of upgraded door trim packages. Upgrade the look of your TUFF SHED storage building with TUFF SHED’s Crossbuck Design or Wainscot Design.Decorative designs can be added to TUFF SHED doors for $39 for a single door or $59 for double doors.
  • Add a roll up, overhead door. Many of our taller models will accommodate a 4×6 roll up canister door for $413.


46 thoughts on “Tuff Shed Door Options

  1. I didn’t know that overhead doors were an option for sheds! I thought only garages could have something like that installed. A roll up door would make it really easy to store big things like lawnmowers.

    1. Hey Paul,
      We don’t sell single parts and pieces, but you could contact your local Tuff Shed dealer and see if there is anything they can do for you.

      Tuff Shed

    2. I have an existing shed that I need to replace the hinges on and I saw a tuff shed at home depo that I really like the construction of and would like to purchase if available Thanks

      1. Hi John, we’re glad to hear our hinges caught your eye! Unfortunately since the hinges are a part of our patented door, we don’t sell them as separate components. But we hope you’ll keep our buildings in mind for future storage needs.

    1. Hi Edgar,

      Yes we can place doors that do not have hinges on the outside. These would not be Tuff Shed doors though. If your plans are to place a new door in the opening of a previous door there would most likely be some adjustments and custom work to fit it to the existing opening. If it’s a new building, and you know what door you want on the shed, we’ll build the shed with the proper door frame to match your door. The best thing to do is contact your local Tuff Shed location, and speak to one of our Sales and Design Consultants. Thanks.

    2. I would get the security package added to the door. They use bolts that are secured from the inside the shed so no one can pop the door off from the outside. Best $55 I ever spent.

    1. Hey Rod,

      You certainly can. You’ll need to contact your local Tuff Shed retail location. Before they can get you doors they’ll need to know the model, size, age, etc. to know what they’re working with. If you want to email me at ccare@tuffshed.com with your contact info and zip code, I can have one of the local reps reach out to you directly. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ken,

      All you have to do is contact your local Tuff Shed Retail location and provide them with your building’s serial number. The serial plate can be located above the shed’s door.


      1. I contacted the Home Depot who didn’t have a clue about keys and they referred me to the local Tuff Shed Representative. He told me that since my Tuff Shed is an older model he didn’t have the keys. My key is stamped TS01. Can you help me please!

          1. Hi Scott,

            All you’ll need to do is contact your local Tuff Shed team and speak with them about a replacement key. They’ll need the serial number on your shed, which located on the Tuff Shed nameplate, typically installed above your door on the outside of the building. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  2. I may sound like a Debbie Downer here but after having my shed broken into a few days ago (after many years here that’s the first time, so I AM lucky!) I would like to be ready for when they choose not to bash in a window and choose instead to go for the handle/lock with a crowbar. So two questions: if/when that happens, do I contact Tuff Shed to buy a replacement handle/lock? Second, do you have another/additional security option? I really like my Tuff Shed, it’s the 6′ basic one door, two windows version, prepainted, etc. – great purchase.

    1. Hi Therese,

      So sorry to hear about your shed being broken into. To answer your questions, if you need a new lock and key please contact your local Tuff Shed retail store. They’ll help you get a new one for your Tuff Shed building. Be sure to have your Tuff Shed Serial Number on hand. If you’re looking for something more secure than our patented door handle, your local Tuff Shed representative will also help you that. You can place a variety of doors and/or locking systems into your shed. Reach out to them, and they’ll help you figure out what works best for you. Thanks.

  3. My Tuff Shed door has weathered many storms in the Rockies and has come off its hinges and fallen apart, warped (wood). Where can I get a replacement door and have it installed? The structure itself has held up over the years. Thanks!

    1. Hi Dauma, thanks for reaching out, we’re sorry to hear that the door on your building has been damaged. If you reach out to the Tuff Shed location where you purchased the building and provide the serial number on your shed. They’ll be able to help from there!

  4. We purchased a Premier Tall Barn Style Tuff Shed (12×16) for our baseball program, but have handed out so many keys that we need to get it back under control. Can I get the lock in the handle changed, or can we purchase just the outside handle with the lock? We purchased through Home Depot and they couldn’t help.

    1. Hi Rich, thanks for reaching out. If you take a look at the serial tag (located above the door) you’ll find a serial number on the name plate. You can contact your local Tuff Shed team and provide them with that serial number and they’ll be able to help you from there.

    1. Hi Monique,

      We’re sorry to hear that! You can get a new set of keys by providing your shed serial number, located on the metal plate above the door, and your lock number to the Tuff Shed location where you purchased your building. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or email us at ccare@tuffshed.com.

  5. Hello Im going and doing the building the shed online I have the pamphlet from the dealer, however especially in the door section there are no explanations of what the items are, what they look like or the details behind them. Where can I easily get this information without having to make the trip out to the dealer?

    If there was a place that went into detail about every option with photos that would be amazing. the sheet the dealer gave me does not go into options at all.

    1. Hi Christine,

      That sounds like a great idea! As of now, the best way to make sure you have the custom door you’re looking for is to speak directly with a Tuff Shed team member. You can also take a look at some of our past blogs to find a door style that fits your needs. If you’d like to give your local team a call they’ll be happy to run through the options with you and make sure you’ve found the door you’d like.

  6. I have (2) sheds, One w/ 2 doors and one w/ one door. I need the door locks switched,so one key opens both doors, and the other will have a separate key. Do you have a video or step by step on how to disassemble and reassemble door locks on a Tuff Shed ?

    1. Hi Glenn,

      Since we have a patented design for our locks, we don’t have a step by step process available to disassemble and reassemble them. We apologize for the inconvenience. We recommend speaking with your local team, they should be able to provide assistance. Thank you!

  7. I have already purchased a tuff shed over a year ago however I was wondering if there is a possibility of purchasing a custom door/windows for the micro mini therapy horse i have purchased since then so as to use it for my little horse to escape the elements this upcoming winter?

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for reaching out. We recommend speaking with your local office about the custom additions to your building. They’ll be happy to help you from here.

    1. Hi Chris, great question! If it’s for a replacement or a warranty issue, your local office will be happy to help with a new door frame for your building. However, if you’d like to purchase the piece separately we typically don’t sell our building components.

  8. Hi, I bought an 10×8 shed 12 years ago and about 2 or 3 years ago we noticed that the doors were starting to get dry rot on one of the doors. It’s really bad now and we want to replace both doors. Is that a possibility and how much will it cost?

    1. Hi Maylin, we’re sorry to hear about the issues with the doors on your building. We recommend speaking directly with the Tuff Shed office you purchased the building from to order new doors and check the warranty on your building. They’ll be happy to help from there.

  9. We have a Tuff shed that is probably close to 15 years old. We never locked the door until recently and now the key will go in but it won’t turn to open the lock. Is there anything we could try to get it open?

    1. Hi Sheri, thanks for your question. We recommend contacting your local Tuff Shed office about the issue. They’ll be able to provide advice or a new set of keys if necessary. You can find the contact information for your Tuff Shed team on our locations page here: https://www.tuffshed.com/locate/.

  10. I have a Tuff Shed and love it. Well built. I have the Tuff Shed locking door handle, however the keys have been lost. How and where can I purchase an locking door handle to replace the one I have? Thank you

    1. Hi Ron, great question. All you’ll need to do to receive a new set of keys for your building is contact your local Tuff Shed office. They’ll need your building’s serial number and they’ll provide you with a replacement set. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  11. How is the shed door anchored inside. To the floor on the bottom, in hardware or only a drill hole in the floor. Also, the top, in hardware or just wearing into against the wood frame?

    1. Hi Robert, Tuff Shed provides our locking hardware for our double door option at the top and bottom of the doors. The upper portion of the door is secured with our spring-loaded locking hardware and the bottom is secured the same hardware, with a drill hole into the floor decking. Our hardware is covered by our warranty and has provided years of security for our heavy-duty patented door system.

  12. We have a Tuff Shed. It has a 3″ thick door. We are looking for a keyless lock or dead bolt to go on it. Do you something like that available?

    1. Hi Cheryl, our security package would be a great solution for you. Your local office would be happy to help set you up, if you’d like to give them a call or stop in the office. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  13. First time buyer of Tuff Shed. Do like the product but after only a few months the handle in the door turns but the locking mechanism does not unlatch. Any suggestions on getting the door open?

    1. Hi Nan, we’re sorry to hear about the issue with the handle on your new building. We recommend contacting your local office about the issue-they’ll be able to send a representative over to check it out and determine the source of the problem. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  14. I want to purchase a tall ranch & would like a locking door handle that can be locked from inside the shed. Does TuffShed offer that type of handle?

    1. Hi Debbie, our patented handle is designed so that it does not lock from the inside, so our customers can not be locked in if the door happens to shut while they’re in the building. However, you can have a residential style door that can be locked from the inside added to your Tuff Shed building, rather than our patented design.

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