Part Time Studio, Full Time Escape

12 Comments | Jan 22, 2020 |  Building of the Month

Emily had long dreamed of a backyard space all her own. After considering the benefits of a She Shed Studio, Emily came to Tuff Shed to design a backyard shed that could become a part time studio and a full time escape.

“I’ve been looking at She Sheds on Pinterest forever,” says Emily. “We finally decided to check out our local Tuff Shed lot and I knew right away that I could create exactly what I wanted.” After touring the displays at her local Mesa, AZ showroom, Emily sketched out a design that fit her plan for a backyard studio. “When I started working with the Tuff Shed team on a design it felt just like checking off the boxes, adding windows, the dormer roof, and everything else on my list.” As a stained glass artist, it was important to Emily to have plenty of natural light and space to store all her supplies and tools.

The team delivered all that and more. Emily’s new 10×16 Premier PRO Tall Ranch makes an incredible studio, featuring all the items on her checklist, including a custom door and extra large windows. She hired a few outside contractors to help with some of the bigger interior finishes like drywall, climate control, and flooring. But Emily made sure she put some sweat equity into the studio as well, installing the tin ceiling, painting, and more.

While her full-time job doesn’t allow for her to spend as much time in the studio as she’d like, it’s always a welcome escape. “It’s just the warmest, most welcoming space,’ says Emily. “I’ll take out a glass or wine or a cup of coffee and just enjoy the time to myself to relax inside the space.”

Emily’s backyard studio is the perfect inspiration for a customized backyard retreat. No matter how much time she gets to spend in the studio, every minute is worth it. “I love that I didn’t have to settle for a square shed with a plain roof.  It’s absolutely not basic and having a space like this of my own is just a dream come true.”

Whether you need a space to relax, work on projects, or get organized, we’ll be happy to help design the perfect building for your needs.  

12 thoughts on “Part Time Studio, Full Time Escape

    1. That’s a good question, James. Due to the upgrades on this shed and their availability restrictions in some of our service areas, your local team will need to assist with a custom quote. We recommend reaching out to them directly.

    1. Hi Amanda, Emily supplied her own custom paint for the studio to match her home. We offer a similar paint color called Solitary State.

  1. Did she supply her own stained glass prior to the build or is that something she added to the installed Windows?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, the stained glass finishings were added after Emily’s building was installed as they are her own creations.

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