On the hunt for quality?

0 Comments | Oct 20, 2015 |  Building of the Month


After Tuff Shed owner Trint Ladd moved to Colorado he knew he was in need of extra storage on his property and he wanted a product that could withstand wear over time. Only one company could provide the quality he was searching for and so he began clearing and leveling space in his yard for a new Tuff Shed building. We can tell you all about Trint’s Tuff Shed experience, but why do that when it’s Trint’s story and he explains it so well; check out his video to hear his firsthand experience:

With all the time and effort saved, Trint was able to personally customize the interior of his new shed with a workbench as well as a whiteboard and a pegboard, which creates a handy backyard storage and workshop space.


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