Modern Times: A New Tuff Shed Building Design

One Comment | Aug 17, 2012 |  Get To Know Tuff Shed

Over the past 30 years of business, we’ve seen a wide variety of designs and uses of TUFF SHED structures.

While a considerable number of our buildings still are used for storing lawn tools and household goods, there are several recent trends, which all focus on small well thought out living spaces, including:

  • Micro-houses
  • Man Caves
  • Modern Architecture Sheds

This spring, we began testing a new building design aimed specifically at the third trend and those customers wanting a backyard building with a more modern look.

Now available to our customers across the country, the TUFF SHED PRO Studio provides all the functionality of a classic TUFF SHED storage building, but is designed to cater towards our customers who want a more modern look. This post-modern style building includes one model in three standard sizes (8’x10′, 10’x12′ and 12’x16′).

With more new single-family homes reflecting this modern architectural style, we sought to fulfill those storage needs. And although it’s not limited to these uses, this type of design appears to be popular as extra living space, whether it’s a home office, studio or even guest quarters.

Presenting a more contemporary style, our new building features a single slope, shallow pitched roof and beefy overhangs. On the tall front wall, high-end transom windows and a glass residential style door are included.

Using the same building practices and materials as our other buildings, we designed the PRO Studio as part of our PRO Series, which features a 10-Year Limited Warranty. And as with all TUFF SHED buildings, on-site installation is included in the price of this building.

And right now, we’re giving one away! Enter to win a 10’x12′ TUFF SHED Premier PRO Studio by visiting and saving an online quote by September 30th and you’ll be automatically entered!

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