Is Your Backyard Level?

6 Comments | Nov 20, 2019 |  Get To Know Tuff Shed

Site prep can make a big difference when it comes to your new Tuff Shed building and installation day. Dependent on building size, there are quite a few options to level your building site, including adding gravel, hand leveling, or concrete pads. To help make site leveling easier, we’ve put together a quick video guide for you. While it’s in no way an exhaustive list of options, it’s a great place to start to determine whether the site for your future building is set and ready.

6 thoughts on “Is Your Backyard Level?

    1. Hi Paul, we recommend that customers have their site level prior to installation, as there is a fee for our installer teams to level the site. Our teams do not dig into the ground to make the site level.

  1. Hi,
    I already have a concrete pad large enough for required install. How would the shed be secured to the concrete pad?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Debra, our team will be able to secure the building to the pad with anchors. Your local team will be happy to help with all the details and ensure that you’re set up with all that you need for a properly secured building at installation time.

    1. Hi Ed, you can certainly use a level gravel box, as long as the site is within 4″ of level. If it’s within 4″ our team will not need to use blocks and shims for additional leveling.

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