DIY Your Way to an Ideal Workshop

0 Comments | Feb 20, 2019 |  DIY

It’s the perfect season for starting indoor projects, like getting your backyard shed in workshop shape. You can add lighting, storage, and extra space with a few quick DIY projects. You’ll be crossing things off your honey-do list in no time.


            Whether you’re tinkering with your vehicle, crafting, or woodworking, good lighting makes all the difference. This DIY guide from Sawdust Girl will help get you started bringing bright, useful light to your workspace.


            What’s a workshop without a workbench? We’ve got a simple DIY guide for a convertible workbench that can be raised for use and lowered to save space in your shed or garage.


            There are storage solutions of all sizes to help your workshop stay organized.  Keep all your small tools and loose supplies organized with this simple mason jar storage project:

            Make the most of your wall space with these easy, customizable PVC pipe organizers:

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