Design Your Own Home Office

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An office of your own makes working from home a whole lot easier. But, we don’t all have a space inside the home to transform into a private office, and that’s where a Tuff Shed building can help. We’ve got a DIY guide here to help you design your own home office right in your backyard.

Start with a Shed

Do you already have a shed in your backyard? That’s a great place to start. Even a small shed can make a big difference when you’re designing your new home office. Clear out the shed and start with a blank slate that’s ready for a little DIY design work. If you’ve been storing lawn care supplies or chemicals in your shed, be sure to air out the space for at least a day or two.

If you’re still hunting for the perfect shed, our teams are here to help design a future home office that fits your needs. We can help you match your new office to the style of your home and add all the windows and options you’d like to create a space, so you can get down to business. Just give us a call or schedule an online consultation and we’ll get you on your way to working from home in style.

Add Interior Finishes

While our teams don’t provide any additional interior finishes after installation, we leave the building all set and ready for you to finish it out as you’d like. Whether you’ve got the DIY skills to install insulation and drywall yourself or you’d prefer to hire a local pro for the finishings, we can help to prep your building for success by adding housewrap so it’s set for the rest of the project.

Our customer, Linda, has some great tips on how she finished out the interior of her writing studio:

Create Your Dream Office

Once the interior of your shed is finished and ready, it’s time to bring in the décor. You can find inspiration and plenty of DIY projects to get you started on our Pinterest page, Instagram feed, and our DIY workshop blogs.

When you’re finished creating your new backyard, corner office, be sure to send us photos.

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