Deck the Walls With Storage

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Does the thought of storing all your seasonal décor give you a holiday headache? Between worn-out boxes and overstuffed shelves, keeping holiday decorations organized throughout the year can be a frustrating task. While we can’t do much to help with the worn-out boxes, we can certainly provide a few tips for organizing your shed or storage space.

Tis the Season to Sort

Start by putting your items in labeled boxes at the end of the season. Whether you keep items organized by room or type, keep the categories consistent. Be sure that the boxes are clearly labeled with tags that won’t fall off when in storage. If you’ve got a few boxes held together with a few layers of tape, this a great time to replace those as well. Look for post-holiday sales on totes or other sturdy storage containers.

Deck the Walls

Walls are one of the most overlooked, and almost always available spaces. The options for wall organization are nearly endless, so we suggest laying out a plan that fits the items you’ve got in the shed. If you have a workbench, be sure you’re utilizing the space above it with a pegboard (like ours here) or attached shelving units. If the weather in your area isn’t too chilly this time of year, you can take a little time to sort and reorganize your shed for maximum storage space.

Shelving All the Way

If you already have shelving and cabinets in your shed or garage, that’s a great place to start. While it’s tempting to shove boxes of decorations into any open slots on the shelves, your storage space can quickly dissolve into mayhem. Start by creating designated spaces for each season.  Wall storage for bulky or long handled items is also a good way to neaten up your shed. Whether using horizontal hooks or another mounting option like our PVC wall organizer, your difficult to store tools will be looking great in no time.

Happy Storage Season!

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