Customize Your Door Decor: DIY Fall Wreath

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Fall is here and what better way to celebrate than by making a beautiful, festive wreath? It’s an easy project and a great way to show off your individual decorating style, especially when displayed on your Tuff Shed building!

Supplies needed:

  • Wreath base
  • Stems and decorative picks
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Wire cutters
  • Two or three larger stems or accents as focal points


Fall is a great time to experiment with color, whether using vibrant shades or more muted earth tones. Look for stems and decorative picks with varied textures and colors for a bold, attention-grabbing wreath. They come in countless styles and price points so it can be helpful to set a budget when beginning the project.

If you’re making a one-sided style, a grapevine wreath is a great base. Our base is 18 inches, but they come in many shapes and styles to choose from. If you prefer a fuller wreath, straw or wire frame bases work well.DIY-Wreath-1

Begin placing grassy or leafier textures on your wreath. You can tuck them into your wreath if they feel secure, or you can place hot glue on the stem for a more secure hold.

Continue to layer stems and picks until the wreath has the desired texture and variety.DIY-Wreath-4

Our wreath is single sided, so we placed larger pieces in the middle section to fill it out and create a focal point.DIY-Wreath-9

We also added some fall leaves for extra color and texture throughout the wreath.DIY-Wreath-Closeup-1

Once all the picks and stems have been placed on your wreath you can continue to arrange them until you have a perfect fall decoration.DIY-Wreath-11

Now it’s time to show off your festive work!Wreath-On-Door

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