Chilling in the Shed

0 Comments | Feb 23, 2018 |  Get To Know Tuff Shed

We’ve heard of our buildings being used as yoga studios and meditation rooms but this takes chilling to the next level. Nederland, CO a little mountain town just west of Boulder, has one very famous resident in a very famous Tuff Shed. Known as Grandpa Bredo, he’s been kept in one of our sheds in the backyard, creating a makeshift cryogenics facility.

The full story is quite a read and we recommend giving it a look on the official website (link below), but we caught up with Grandpa Bredo’s current keeper and found out what it takes to keep the shed ice cold.

Photos via Brad’s Instagram account @frozendeadcaretaker

Brad Wickham has held the title of “The Caretaker” for four years. In that time, he’s hauled anywhere from 900-1200 lbs. of dry ice up the shed every two weeks. That half ton of of dry ice keeps the interior of the shed at a cool, -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

When asked about his job, Brad fully realizes the unique situation. “You know I think about it every now and then. As I’m driving up a hill with a half ton of ice, I realize I’m probably the only example of this in the world,” says Brad. “It doesn’t get weirder than this.”

The shed has served its unlikely purpose well, standing strong against all the adverse conditions of the mountain town. However, the same can’t be said for the surrounding landscape. The hillside on the edge of the property has gotten worn down over time, due to the erosion from wind and debris. As Brad says, “the shed has held up, it’s the hillside that’s falling down.”

Read the full story about how Grandpa Bredo found his home in a Tuff Shed building and how the Frozen Dead Guy Festival came to be here: .

You can keep up with Brad and his unique job via Instagram at @frozendeadcaretaker.