Cass’ Workshop Shed; Before & After

7 Comments | Jan 20, 2023 |  Building of the Month

It didn’t take Cass long to start personalizing her DIY workshop shed. Since we installed her shed in August, she’s been hard at work adding her own flair to the 12×16 Premier PRO Tall Ranch. The interior space is now a perfect match for her style and DIY goals. You almost won’t believe this amazing workshop is a Tuff Shed® building.

Cass’ Workshop Shed Project

First things first, she painted the window frames black to blend seamlessly with the all-black color scheme. She even took a page from our installers’ handbook and used the same safety harness while painting the trim on the clerestory transom windows. She added exterior lighting, stairs leading into the sidewall door, and custom window boxes. We can’t wait to see the landscaping she’ll add this spring.

While the exterior changes are certainly a transformation of their own, the interior is where Cass’ DIY work really shines. From floor to ceiling, she got to work creating a perfect workshop. She started off by adding electricity to the shed, insulation, wood planks on the walls and ceiling, and peel-and-stick tile for the floors.

Next, Cass added stylish and functional storage to the workshop with Ikea cabinets, a butcher block worktop, and a reworked pegboard from our original workbench installation. The finished DIY workshop is everything she dreamed of and more. “A space like this was long overdue for me,” laughs Cass. “I’ve never had a dedicated space for my tools or just to create. I can’t believe it’s really mine!”

With her customizations and DIY additions, Cass’ workshop is a perfect match for her needs. You can see the full reveal and read more about all of Cass’ DIY efforts on her blog here: And if you’d like to see all the details from installation day, take a look at our recap here: .

7 thoughts on “Cass’ Workshop Shed; Before & After

  1. Excellent work Top to Bottom in every aspect. I especially like the walls and ceiling planks she installed. The quality of work and attention to detail is the kind to motivate many more DIY Shed remodelers. KUDO’s to all that worked on this, including the Tuff Shed Installers, that’s a great looking Install.

  2. I love it!! What made me think that I was the only person who thought you could do so much more with a TUFF SHED than to place your Mower and Garden Tools in them.

    I’m relieved TUFF SHED is aware of the many potentials of one of their Amazing “Sheds” –

  3. I need a shed. I’m a seamstress and want to create a workshop shed where I can work in and store my many fabric materials. Looking through theses ‘Shed of the Month’ posts have been helpful for showing me which style shed might best fit my needs! Although i’m still unsure, it has been eye opening to see the potential.

  4. what model is this and how high are the walls? I really like the skylight / roof line design.

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